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AcupunctureSample1 "Japanese style acupuncture" is a medical treatment, which is stimulating and revitalizing, using natural Herbal products. Acupuncture can improve the immune system, promoting blood circulation, ease pain or stiffness, and enhance the body's ability to heal and relax. For further information please check our FAQ page.


Herbal Treatment

Chinese Herbs are known to strengthen one's immune sytem. Each metabolism differs, requiring individual evaluation. Of which Dr. Masako will customize to your individual needs.Herbal Treatment have much gentler effects than western medicines. "Chinese Herbal treatment" utilizes natural components of plants and herbs. There are a variety of forms available, such as tablets and liquid, which can be taken with your favorite tea or plain water.




Facial Treatment

Beauty4"Cosmetic Acupuncture", specifically "Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture" has become popular in the United States. The benefits are as follows; The reduction of wrinkles, firmer skin and jaw line, skin tone, the depletion of acne and rosacea. It is less expensive than plastic surgery or other chemical and laser treatments.





Weight Control

Beauty9"Cosmetic Acupuncture" assists in controling one's weight with specific ‘points’ of acupuncture. Stress and anxiety can trigger overeating and bingeing. The release of endorphins have a calming and relaxing effect making it easier to control one's eating habits. Cellulite is minimized, and the libido increased.Chinese ‘Acupressure’ and exercises are useful tools in the battle of weight loss.






Beauty1There are several varieties of massages available,

Which applies firm pressure of fingers, particularly thumbs.
SPORTS MASSAGE Stretching, and muscle stimulation.
THAI MASSAGE Rigorous and enegetic.
Calming and relaxing.
FOOT MASSAGE Stimilating and soothing.




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