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Original Herbal Cosmetics

Organic Cleasing Oil
Price: $15.00/4oz.*

This cleansing oil is made with all pure natural ingredients to clean the skin, remove makeup, tone and condition all in one. The organic cleansing oil cleans the skin deeply eradicating airborne pollutants such as dust and carbon dioxide particles.

Herbal Soap
Price: $6.50/Piece*

This homemade herbal soaps made with 100% pure ingredients, such as adlay tea, green tea, and honey, which tends to make the skin feel soft and smooth while helping to retain it`s natural moisture.

Organic Face Serum

This serum provides beneficial moisture and ultimate comfort to compromised skin on the face and neck. Repeated use will help restore skin suppleness, diminish pigmentation, even-out skin tone.

Organic Tea
Price: $3.50~/1Pack*

Our selection of organic teas; Earl Gray, white tea, Chai, English breakfast, Hibiscus, and lemon tea, awaken the palate and gracefully enhances purification of your body.

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